Questions to Ask Before When Seeking a Waterproof Basement in Natick, MA

Construction and Maintenance

Although it’s important to talk to multiple contractors when considering home improvement projects, it’s even more necessary when it’s time for basement waterproofing. Make a smart hiring choice by asking these questions of each contractor.

Is the Company Insured, Bonded and Licensed?

Homeowners should ask this question before they hire a contractor to provide a Waterproof Basement in Natick MA. The nature of such a job may require the waterproofing contractor to get a building permit. Even in cases where a permit is not necessary, worker’s compensation, liability insurance, and bonding can protect the company and the homeowner if something goes wrong.

How Long Has the Company Been in the Business?

The length of time a company has been in the industry can tell customers about its level of basement waterproofing experience. It’s important to find a company that’s handled similar situations in the past to ensure a long-lasting, durable repair.

Are References Available?

A contractor with a list of happy customers is an asset when making a hiring choice. New clients should call the past customers to find out how the waterproof basement in Natick MA is holding up. It may also be helpful to talk to home inspectors, builders, and real estate agents to get some insider knowledge.

What Will Repairs Look Like?

If a home needs extensive repairs, such as interior drainage system installation or exterior excavation, the work quality will affect the home’s appearance. Ask how wide trenches will be, which materials will be used, and if the work will be done as neatly as possible.

Is the Work Protected by a Warranty or Guarantee?

Most basement waterproofing companies offer some sort of warranty coverage. Before hiring one, the homeowner should find out how long the warranty lasts, what it covers, and whether it can be transferred in the event of a home sale.

If a home has a basement, the owner should take steps to ensure that it remains waterproof. Basement waterproofing can resolve current damage and prevent future problems from happening. For more information on waterproofing services or to schedule a consultation, call the office or visit today.