Nylon Powder Coating – Types and Applications


Nylon is a resilient product that is derived from the oil of the Castor plant. It provides excellent resistance to oil and various types of chemicals and is utilized extensively in the manufacturing industry; for example to provide protection for handles, grab rails and seats of public transportation vehicle.

Nylon powder coating offers superb thermal, chemical and mechanical properties. When you are applying this coating, thicknesses of application that are used may range anywhere from 0.005 to 0.050 inches.

Thermoset Nylon Powder Coating
This type of coating has thermosets which have sensitivity to heat. After the application of the coating to the surface and when the temperature reaches between 250 to 275 deg. Fahrenheit, the coating begins to melt. As the temperature increases to 350 degrees, a chemical change takes place in the coating itself that produces a plastic coating that is strong and flexible.

Thermoplastic Nylon Powder Coating
Thermoplastic coating is a very common type of coating. It is very chemically resistance and non-corrosive. This coating is applied as follows: first an object is heated beyond the nylon coating’s melting point. The powder is then applied and it begins to instantly meld with the surface of the object.

Nylon powder coating is used in various industries and applications, including the aeronautical, dental, industrial and medical fields. These coatings are very important in order to protect the health of consumers and users of various kinds of products and equipment.

In the industrial and aeronautical world, nylon powder coatings are useful to protect components. Many parts and components are subjected to corrosive and abrasive forces on a continual basis and require proper protection from degradation. Nylon powder coatings perform this task well.

Coatings that are created with nylon powder as the source material are smooth and durable. The service to protect a company’s equipment and machinery investment and promote efficiency of operation and long term cost savings

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For additional information about the benefits and applications intended for nylon powder coating, it is advisable to contact a metal finishing company that is a specialty provider of industrial nylon powder coatings and platings.