Learning About Criminal Law In Angola, Indiana

Criminal Lawyer

Individuals need legal representation as soon as they are arrested. Frequently, the accused will get a bond. That is because most jurisdictions have pre-set bonds for many crimes. However, this is not guaranteed. Those charged with a more serious crime may have to request a bond. Therefore, the lawyer files a bond motion with the Superior Court. At the bond hearing, the judge must be convinced that the accused poses no risk to society. The judge looks at whether they have a job and ties to the community. The judge will grant a bond unless the crime in question is particularly heinous.

The defendant needs a team to handle Criminal Law in Angola Indiana. This team needs to go to work immediately. Lawyers usually have investigators who visit the crime scene, take pictures, interview witnesses and find new witnesses. Some jurisdictions hold preliminary hearings. These are held so the prosecution can show they have sufficient evidence to charge the defendant. In most cases, the judge allows the case to go forward. The next court date is the arraignment where the defendant enters a plea. At this time, the defense lawyer must file several motions. The motions are filed to protect the accused’s rights. Examples include speedy trial motions, motions to suppress and motions for reciprocal discovery.

Lawyers who practice Criminal Law in Angola Indiana constantly prepare for trial. The goal is to develop an alternate version of how a crime occurred. Different theories create reasonable doubt in the mind of jurors. On the other hand, the discovery process is an important part of trial preparation. The prosecution must reveal all its evidence to the defense. In addition, the defense does likewise. Every piece of physical evidence must be examined. Further, witness statements are dissected for inaccuracies. Sometimes, the prosecution offers the defendant a plea deal. Lawyers must present the plea to the client whether they like it or not. Of course, lawyers should advise the client whether the deal is in their best interest. If a plea is not accepted, the lawyer must prepare the defendant for trial. Additionally, the defense witnesses must be prepped. Defendants need a lawyer who will make sure justice is served. If you have a criminal case.