3 Dos and Don’ts to Keep in Mind for a Criminal Case in Hillsboro OR

Criminal Lawyer

Most people that face criminal charges have no idea of what they need to do and not do, especially when they face their first offense. Having a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Hillsboro, OR, on their side is highly important. However, there are some simple guidelines that clients need to follow to help drug crimes attorneys and other criminal lawyers do their best job. Here are a few:

1. DO Be Completely Honest

More often than not, people hesitate to be totally honest with their criminal defense lawyer in Hillsboro, OR, or drug crimes attorney because they are ashamed or afraid to reveal certain information. They often believe that revealing certain information is going to harm them. Rest assured, all conversations and information shared between them and the law professional remain confidential, as this is required by law anyway.

2. DON’T Interact With Law Enforcement Without the Help of the Lawyer

Most people are familiar with the fact that they have the right to remain silent whenever they get involved with law enforcement. Most professional drug crimes lawyers and criminal defense lawyers in Hillsboro, OR, will advise people to remain silent, as they can help them handle that situation in the best way possible.

3. DON’T Share Information About the Case to Other People or on Social Media

If people share information about the case to family members, friends, or other people on social media, it gives law enforcement another person that they need to interview. This then gives law enforcement the ability to compare the evidence they’ve received from people to what you have said to someone else. Run things by the drug crimes lawyer beforehand.

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