What You Need To Know About Water Restoration in Edmond OK


Water damage is every property owner’s worst nightmare. The most common causes of water damage include flooding, leaking water pipes and faucets and interference from ground water sources such as rivers. Water damage will have the following negative impacts on your building.

1. It leads to the rotting, rusting and weakening of certain structures. This greatly compromises the structural integrity of the building.
2. The moisture encourages the growth of mold, mildew and algae, which pose a great health risk.
3. If the water comes into contact with power outlets, power lines or gas lines, it increases the risk of electrocution and gas poisoning.
4. The stagnant water could be breeding grounds for many pests and even be a source of water borne diseases.
5. Water stagnation inside the house destroys electrical appliances, floors and furniture, especially if it is wooden. It also ruins wall paint.

This is the reason why you need to contact professionals for Water Restoration in Edmond OK as soon as you realize that you have a water damage problem.

The restoration process

The first thing that these experts do is that they will try and reduce the peril by switching off all power supply from the main switch. After they have made sure that it is safe to access the building, they will get in and try to suction off all the water that has stagnated inside. After the area is dry, they will assess the damage that has already happened. They will take any of the following restoration measures.

To start with, they will assess the floor of the building. This will be to determine whether it needs to be replaced. They might recommend a service such as water proofing for the floor. The other thing they will assess is the wall. If the paint has formed bubbles and the walls are still wet, they will strip off the paint and use mechanisms that will deal with the moisture. They will then use waterproofing paint to remake the house. If there is mold, they will clean it up.

These are services that are offered by experts in Water Restoration in Edmond OK. For more information, and to get a contractor, Click here.