The Advantages of High Speed DSL Services in Redmond


A high speed internet connection has become a common asset in modern homes. The internet is one of the most common ways that people receive news updates, enjoy entertainment such as streaming music and video, and learn information using online reference sources. A high speed internet connection can also be necessary for people in certain types of work where they often need to read emails from their jobs. Many even use their home internet connection as their primary source of income by working online. For these needs, a dial-up connection often just isn’t enough, and a high speed DSL Services in Redmond will provide much better results.

DSL internet service runs through your phone line, but has a few major advantages over dial-up. Firstly, you have the ability to use the phone and connect to the web at the same time when using a DSL connection. Nothing was more frustrating in the days of dial-up than being unable to browse the web because you were waiting on an important phone call. DSL eliminates this frustration entirely, so that you can watch for important emails and calls simultaneously.

Another primary advantage of DSL over dial-up is the higher speed. While the highest possible speed on a dial-up connection is 56Kbps, DSL connections can have speeds in the tens of megabits. This has substantially improved the quality of streaming music and video: full-length HD movies can now be viewed in their entirety without buffering. In a way, high speed connections can be said to have progressed the development and availability of HD formats as well. It would have been useless to have HD digital video formats that were so large they could not be viewed properly with a dial-up connection.

The advantages of high speed DSL Services in Redmond have improved the quality and usability of home internet in many ways. We are now able to stream media, search for online information, and work from home reliably with a level of convenience and usability we have never had before. When you are in need of high speed internet in your home, Visit the website of a DSL service provider, such as, to find details on the speeds and pricing that they offer.