Contact Rocky Mountain Restoration for Water Damage Services in Cheyenne, WY


Floods naturally happen after rain storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. The flooding could affect your home and cause water damage. This depends on the condition of the land around your home. If you face unexpected water damage in your home, do not let it fester. Rocky Mountain Restoration is your destination for repair from water damage in Cheyenne, WY.

The first step to any of our water restoration services is to conduct emergency water removal. No flood is too big or too small for us to remove from your home. Before we can do anything else, we must remove the flooding to prevent mildew from growing on your belongings. That’s where our odor control comes in by taking the steps necessary to get your belongings and furniture dry. HVAC decontamination lessens germs and contaminants that may have built up during the flood on the affected possessions.

If carpet was part of the area flooded in your home, we even offer carpet drying services. We will dry your carpet in order to restore it to normal. Reupholstering carpet ruined by water damage would be a hefty price to pay. Our carpet drying services help you save that extra cash for other homeowner’s projects. To top it off, we will clean your upholstery and conduct an overall clean-up once we’ve removed the flooding.

We want to be your destination for restoration to your home after experiencing water damage in Cheyenne, WY. Call Rocky Mountain Restoration for a quote on water damage services for your home today!