Don’t Wait To Get Flood Damage Cleanup In Schenectady


The worst thing an individual can do is wait to contact an experienced company to perform flood damage cleanup Schenectady. Allowing water to remain in a building will cause a serious mold problem and cause further damage. The cause of the flood will determine the best course of the cleanup.

Most times, water damage also includes mold removal. If the flooding occurred over a slow period, there’s a better chance mold has grown. If the water wasn’t quickly stopped and removed, the mold will need to be removed. The best chance to eliminate the risk of further damage to a structure is with flood damage cleanup as quickly as possible.

Determining The Cause

If the cause of a flood is a leaking pipe of clean water, the building and its contents will not have been specially sterilized. If the cause of the flood is from a sewer backup or an overflowing toilet, the area will need a different type of cleaning that includes extensive disinfection of the area. When the cause of the flooding was because of excessive rainfall, the area will need to be disinfected. Two primary causes of flooding in a home are leaking pipes and because of a fire.

The First Steps

The first step a restoration service will perform is to eliminate the source of the water if necessary. They will immediately begin extracting water from the building and removing damaged items. Large fans and dehumidifiers will be placed in the building to remove the moisture and begin drying out the building. The restoration company will carefully inventory all the items removed from the building.

Some of these items will be thoroughly cleaned at another location and returned to the building when it is secure. These are only a few of the steps of flood damage cleanup Schenectady that need to be performed.

Flood damage can involve mold remediation and smoke or fire damage. Whether it involves one of all these situations, Professional Fire Restoration Service can handle the project. They have years of experience safely and efficiently removing damage to a building and helping individuals rebuild their lives.