Medical Equipment In Lubbock, TX Can Assist With Your Health Care Needs

Laboratory Equipments

Medical equipment is designed to assist in identifying, treating or observing medical conditions. Home health products are available as well as state of the art medical equipment. Medical equipment and supplies play an important part in providing quality medical care. There are many types of Medical Equipment In Lubbock Tx. These include:

1. Home care medical equipment are devices that assist people in their daily lives at home. They assist a person to maintain their independence at home. Examples of home care medical equipment are portable or stationary oxygen, nebulizers and ventilators, CPAP and sleep apnea monitors, wheelchairs, adaptive equipment to help stand and sit as well as walkers and crutches, hospital beds, portable toilets and more.

2. Diagnostic equipment is used to test or screen. Examples of diagnostic medical equipment are instruments that record blood pressure and ophthalmoscopes, which are used in eye exams as well as imaging machines, ultrasound, MRI machines, ventilators and dialysis machines.

3. Surgical equipment and supplies include the stainless steel tools used in surgery.

4. Durable medical equipment includes walking aids, transfer equipment, wheel chairs and bath safety. Durable medical equipment is long lasting and is used to assist in a better quality of life.

5. Long term care such as in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and even a patient’s home consists of beds and mattresses, therapeutic chairs, products to help with mobility, incontinence management supplies, exercise equipment, grooming aids, diabetic supplies and more.

6. Acute care medical equipment consists of procedure trays, wound kits and monitoring equipment.

7. Emergency and trauma equipment and supplies include diagnostic tools, respiratory equipment and more.

When searching for medical equipment in Lubbock, TX, Absolute Home Medical will serve your health care needs. From home care or hospice supplies to rehabilitative equipment and motorized scooters, there is something to aid most any health care provider or consumer. You will find trained staff on hand to help you find the right product or service for each individual. Many medical equipment suppliers will pick-up and deliver within the local area and offer 24 hour emergency service so that you can get the help you need when you need it.