Essential Considerations When Buying Used Liquid Chromatography Equipment

Laboratory Equipments

Liquid chromatography testing equipment is used in laboratories in a wide range of different tests to identify, separate, purify and be able to quantify the amounts of specific compounds in a sample. As such, this equipment is often in use and demand, which leads to the need to replace equipment.

For replacement, instead of new equipment that is extremely costly, many top medical labs turn to used liquid chromatography equipment. The used or refurbished options provide new models and systems at up to 70% cost reduction over new models, without any sacrifice or quality or testing options.

General Purpose HPLC

The term HPLC designates the equipment as High Performance Liquid Chromatography. This offers the advantage of a pump that is built into the equipment to push the mobile phase into and through the column. This push by the pump speeds up performance as it is much faster than the gravity methods used on older models.

When looking at an HPLC used liquid chromatography make sure to consider the model features as well as the technology in the equipment. As with any type of lab systems, the newer the model, the more features and functions it will offer. It is also more likely to be fully compatible with your current lab software and setup if the lab has been continually upgraded.

The Specialized UHPLC

Some of the newest models of used liquid chromatography equipment may be UHPLC or Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography systems. These operate on the same technology as the HPLC systems but with enhanced pump features and decreased run times.

They are also designed to use much less eluent, which will be a cost saving factor to consider, over the use of the equipment. However, depending on the amount of testing in your lab, this may or may not be a critical consideration.