What is a futon?


The traditional Japanese bedding system is called “shikibuton,” in America this has turned into the expression futon, in both cases the word can be loosely translated into mattress. In the case of the US, the word took on a broader meaning and includes a mattress but also the furniture that the mattress sits on, which is convertible from a couch to abed and vice-versa.

Futons in Houston TX serves as seating during the day and if necessary it can be easily converted into a sleeping surface at night. Futons play the role of bed, couch or chair, providing comfortable space for sitting or sleeping. This type of furniture is ideal for homes with limited space; there are some futons that can be folded for storage.

The mattresses that are used on futons Houston TX are also constructed in such a way that they can be folded for storage. These mattresses are normally constructed of batting stuffed into the cover; they are available in different grades, colors and fabrics. Many people who use a futon for sleeping rave about how well they support the back but they do go on to say that this is true only with the highest quality mattress. Another thing that people like is the fact that the mattress is simple to manhandle so it can be taken outside for airings.

Prior to the early 1970s futons were relatively unknown in the US but interest in this inexpensive, convertible furniture caught on, as did a general interest in all things Eastern. Futons are still the thing for students, first time home buyers and people who live in small apartments. They are reasonably priced, have a small footprint and of course do double duty, being a couch during the day and a bed at night. Futons in Houston TX is also handy to have around if you have overnight visitors, making the futon and ideal piece of furniture for the den or spare room.

The American version of the Japanese futon has improved dramatically in quality over the years; futons today are produced using the best in hardwoods and metal, with high quality mattresses. There is little doubt that the futon has found a place in American home décor.

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