Making Improvements In Leaning Walls Repair In Pittsburgh, PA

Foundation Repair

Do you have cracks in interior walls and ceilings? Or, do you have sunken floors? If your answer is yes, there may be a foundation problem at your home. Find a reliable contractor to come and inspect the property.

Basement walls can be affected by a shaky foundation. The walls are unstable and start to buckle and lean. If the problem isn’t corrected, the foundation could collapse. If you need Leaning Walls Repair in Pittsburgh, PA, there are companies that can help. They’ll install a product called “THE REINFORCER,” to stabilize the walls. The Reinforcer is a four-inch wide carbon fiber plate bonded with structural epoxy. This new product eliminates the need for making a lot of structural changes.

There are also solutions available if your basement needs Waterproofing. There are signs that you have a drainage problem in your basement:

pools of water on floor

damp spots on carpets

rust on metal appliances (furnaces, water heaters)

mold and/or mildew growth and odor

If you have any of these concerns, your basement should be custom waterproofed.

There are many reasons for foundation problems. Frequently, there may be defects in the construction of your home. Also, there could be water beneath the foundation. Gutters may be draining water into the ground, beneath the foundation. Gutters should be directed away from your house.

There’s a new technically superior way to repair a foundation. The old method calls for tearing out the foundation walls, and rebuilding. The new product is called CHANCE HELICAL PIER. The idea is to screw a helical plate, attached to a steel pier, into a stable layer of soil. The piers are connected to the foundation. The weight of the home shifts to the piers. As a result, the foundation, walls and floors can’t shift anymore. Installation of the CHANCE HELICAL PIER is fast, and there’s limited excavation. It’s also cheaper than traditional methods.

Your home is the biggest investment you have. Have the home inspected, and take advantage of the latest technology to stabilize your basement and foundation. You want the family home to be around for years to come.