New Options in Photo Booth Rentals


The days of the small black photo booth are over, at least when you rent photo booth for party!  New options in photo booth rentals will make a party special, fun and memorable.  Guests have the option to choose which pictures to print, which background to use and whether to print their shots in black and white or color.  The options have never been greater – or more fun!

Fashion Photo Booth  

A fashion photo booth is popular with teenage girls.  Renting this photo booth for a party will enable guests to choose their own virtual style, including hairstyles and frames.   The booth itself is pink and quite small.  It will fit just about anywhere – a large ballroom is not required!  A backyard or a living room is a great location for this teen favorite.

High-tech Photo Booth

Everyone remembers the old photo booths that would spit out a photo sheet of candid – or posed – shots.  Guests were not given selection choices.  New technology means that guests can choose their favorite shot by selecting shots on a screen.  Touch technology is easy and convenient.  With the popularity of phone photography, guests are used to be being in control of their image selection.  Rent photo booth for party and keep the guest in control and having fun!  Being able to interact with the booth is a benefit of the modern photo booth.

Customized Background and Frames

Options include all sorts of backgrounds and borders.  Framing a picture with a decorative border enhances the photo and guests can tap into their creativity and artistic expression.  The party becomes more memorable with these small touches.  Guests will take their shots home with them and can add decorative touches, such as ribbons and frames.

Logo and Promotional Messages

A company or charity will want to rent photo booth for party.  The ability to imprint the company logo or charity’s promotional message onto the photo strip means that the message stays with the guest long after the party is over.  When spending time and money to stage an event, it is important to brand the message to guests.  A photo booth will help keep the message alive longer.

Renting a photo booth for a party enhances the entire party experience.  Taking advantage of new technology to tailor the photo booth selection to the party is a great way to ensure that the party is memorable, enjoyable and effective.  Guests will appreciate selecting their favorite shots and party hosts will appreciate the ease with which they inject extra fun into their party.