Make A Small Conference Spectacular With A Mobile Conference App

by | Jun 2, 2014 | Computer And Software

Often people assume that you only need to consider using mobile conference apps if you are attending a major conference where there are hundreds- or thousands of attendees. Others may assume that an event app is only necessary if you have multiple locations and a wide variety of speakers, tracks or options for people to participate in.

However, perhaps one of the best uses of mobile conference apps is at a smaller sized conference. If you stop and think about it these small conferences are really a place where local businesses and companies are very willing to advertise. In addition you have a smaller group of people to provide the perfect opportunity for networking and really getting a good understanding of their conference experience.

Add Information

One of the best uses of Conbop mobile conference application for small groups is that it allows you to feature or focus in on adding lots of information for attendees. You can provide full speaker bios, complete handouts and even copies of PowerPoint presentations that are available to each person attending right from their smartphone, tablet or iPad.

Information can be provided about local businesses and restaurants as well as things to see and do in the immediate area of the conference. Often at these smaller events people do spend more time getting to know one another so mobile conference apps that encourage that will definitely add to the value.

Exhibitor Details

Typically even small conferences will have some exhibitors, or you can, through the use of mobile conference apps, set up a virtual exhibition area. People can provide links to their websites, free downloads or other opportunities to share their products and services.

This is also a great way to get sponsorship for a small conference. Different branding images, logos or company information can be added to mobile conference apps as another form of virtual sponsorship. You can choose your levels or select different options for sponsorship to add value for attendees.

While you may not have considered using mobile conference apps for smaller gatherings they absolutely add value. They can make a small conference just as professional in many aspects as the largest conference in your area.

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