Selecting the Right Pipes in Long Island

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212x212_q75-19_t_DSC_0371If you are a fan of smoking, then you know that the first step towards having an enjoyable smoke is getting the right smoking pipe. However, with the thousands of brands of smoking pipe types and brands in the market, making a choice can be really tricky. However, there are some guidelines that will help you get the right Pipes in Long Island.

The material of the pipe

Pipes are normally made from briar root, corn cob or meerschaum. However, there are a few that are made of clay. Each of the materials has its pros and cons. Pipes that are made from corn cobs are normally cheaper. However, they do not last as long as those made from meerschaum and briar root. Pipes that are made from meerschaum are soft, white and well carved. This makes them very unique as a collector’s item. Briar is popular because it is light, easy to carve and very resistant to heat. The other material that is used in making pipes is the calabash. When choosing a material, you have to balance the style aspect of it with the practicality.

Choosing the right style for the pipe

The two common styles when it comes to pipes are the straight and bent pipes. Straight pipes are easy to carve, simple yet elegant. Bent pipes on the other hand come in a variety of styles. A common style is where the bowl looks like an apple, and the sides are as straight as a cylinder. The stem is normally carved with either an extreme bend or perfectly straight.

Thinking about the pipe finish

Pipes that are made from briar normally come with a tan or brown color just like the wood itself. However, other types of pipes will have different types of finishes. For instance, they could be smooth and have a green, red or ebony tint to them. There are pipes that have a hole at the top of the tip bit. This is supposed to draw smoke into the roof of the mouth as opposed to the tongue.

These are choices that you will find easy to make with the help of an excellent stocker for pipes. To get great smoking pipes in Long Island, go to