What to Do BEFORE Calling a Pest Control Company

Pest Control

Having a pest problem is stressful. It is something that most home-owners or renters will experience at least once in their lifetime. And as many home-owners know, it is a situation that can get out of hand very quickly. Knowing the steps necessary to prevent a major problem can be the difference between pulling your hair out, or having an easy solution.

Food and Water

Food and water is one of the most common reasons a pest will find its way into your home. If a pest is able to thrive and sustain a safe life in your quarters, they will be sure to make your living space their home. Be sure to remove these sources to prevent a liveable environment for them. Start by keeping food in storage containers. If you have a pet living in your house, be sure to clean up excess food, or only feed your pet at certain times as opposed to leaving the food out all day. Any good Pest Control Company will suggest removing food crumbs, and fixing leaks where water can provide life to unwanted pests. Finally, be sure to keep trash covered, and empty it regularly.

Monitoring Your Home

Monitoring your home can be as simple as keeping household clutter picked up, or as complicated as sealing cracks in your house. Clutter provides an excellent supply for pests to nest, hide, and breed in. If your house is relatively clutter free, and there are no box piles or newspaper, it may be time to examine if there are cracks or holes letting them in. If you cannot find the source of the pests’ entryway, be sure to call a Pest Control Company to examine your home. They will be trained, and much more educated on how pests get into homes. They will also be able to eliminate the problem at its source.

Though there are preventative measures to be taken to avoid pest infestation, often times a problem can still occur. If neighbours are having pest issues, and get an exterminator to remove them, the pests are more likely to invade your residence. When it doubt, it is best to call a pest control company like Pest Masters Inc. to examine your home and ensure you are in the clear. The sooner you stop the issue, the less likely you will have an issue that will become a major problem in the future.