Lowering Your Energy Costs With Heating Oil Services In Groton, CT

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How much is your energy bill during the winter months? If it’s like most people it’s probably double what it normally is during the summer months. Every winter, millions of homeowners fight to make sure that they aren’t spending mounds of money to heat their homes. If you want to lower your heating bills, you should check out the following information.

For starters, try utilizing the natural heat that’s available. The sun is an excellent heat source, and even though it can be very cold outside, the sun can be shining quite a bit. Try pulling back your shades in order to let some sun in. This will allow the sun to naturally heat up the insides of your home, and will help to stave off the cold temperatures until nighttime.

Having your heating system serviced by Heating Oil Services In Groton, CT is very important. Some homeowners go years without having their systems serviced by a professional. Although your system may be running fine it might not be running at its best. HVAC experts will often recommend that homeowners have their systems serviced every 12-24 months. Having your system serviced on a regular basis will help protect it and drive down your heating costs.

Circulation is very important when it comes to heating homes. For instance, make it a point to unblock all radiators in your home. If you have furniture blocking your radiator, move the furniture someplace else. You should also pay attention to the vents that are opened and closed throughout your home. If you’re not occupying a room, close the vents so that the heat can travel elsewhere.

How old is your system? Most systems are able to last for as much as 20 years with help from Heating Oil Services In Groton, CT. If your system is over a decade old, you might want to consider having it replaced with a more efficient system. There are several more improved systems that provide more heat with less energy use. These newer systems can cut your winter energy usage by as much as 25 percent. That being said, you should really consider upgrading your system if the other energy cutting methods aren’t working.

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