Types of Water Damage in Clifton Park

Construction and Maintenance

Many people experience water damage, but it is often not for the same reason. Although everyone’s homes become damaged from the water, the water comes from different places. This can mean clean up is either easier or more difficult, depending on precisely where the water came from. There are many types of Water damage in Clifton Park.

Clean Water : The easiest type of water damage to deal with is clean water. This is often caused by a leaking or broken pipe. However, it can occur from a break in the toilet tank, sink, or tub as well. Although the water may get all over and cause a significant amount of damage, it can easily be removed with the proper equipment. The space can then be dried.

Gray Water : The next type of damage comes from gray water. Although this is still relatively easy to clean, it may require a little more cleaning time and chemical use. Gray water often comes from an overflown toilet, fish tank, or other appliance. Most of the water may be clear, but there will likely be some sort of debris found in it as well. This dirtier water can not simply be removed and dried. The space will need to cleaned thoroughly to ensure any particles are removed so no one in the home gets sick.

Black Water : The most difficult type of water damage is from black water. This is often very dirty water filled with particles and debris. It can occur from a break in a sewer line, thoroughly clogged and overflown toilet, or even ground water. This water will need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned before the homeowner should be allowed back in the premises. Illness can easily occur if someone comes in contact with this type of water. Any items touched by the water should also be tossed out. This can still be cleaned, removed, and dried, but will take an extended amount of time.

Water damage in Clifton Park comes in a wide variety. Although many will only ever have to deal with a simple leak and minimal damage, others may encounter a much larger problem. Whether the damage comes from clean, gray, or black water, a water restoration company will be able to remove the water and get the home back into good shape.