Filling a Swimming Pool From the Tap vs. Bulk Water Delivery in Branford

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Filling a swimming pool obviously requires a substantial amount of water. Does it make sense to use the home’s own tap water, or is bulk water delivery in Branford a better idea? In that case, a tanker truck brings the water.

Do the Math for Municipal Water

A homeowner must determine whether the cost of filling the pool with water from an exterior faucet through a municipal supply is higher or lower than having bulk water delivery in Branford.

Consider that a typical bathtub might hold 50 gallons of water. Depending on the size of an above-ground or inground pool, it might need 5,000 or 10,000 gallons, or even more. Now imagine filling a bathtub 100 or 200 times in one day. That’s anywhere from a full three to six months’ usage for one person taking one bath per day.

Nevertheless, it may be less expensive to fill the pool from the tap. Compare the local water utility’s price per gallon with what a water delivery service would charge for a certain number of gallons. A phone call to the utility company can verify the price per gallon for people who don’t know.

Notify the Utility Service

When using this much water from the municipality at one time, it’s best to notify the utility company. Utility services usually average in sewer costs for the amount of water usage, even if they are tallying up the amount for future charges. They may need a letter ahead of time to avoid being charged a higher sewer cost because of running all that water from the tap.

Consider Timing

The tanker offers the convenience of pouring water into the pool very rapidly. In contrast, filling a swimming pool from an exterior faucet is no small feat. Consider that even filling a waterbed from the tap may seem to take forever. Depending on the water pressure, filling a swimming pool might take the better part of a day or even more than a day. Somebody should monitor the hose during those hours.

With a tanker truck from a company such as East River Energy, the pool can be full of water in less than an hour. See for information.