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As I live in Washington DC, the last thing I thought I would ever do would be searching for auto glass In Columbus OH. However, that is what happened last Memorial Day – let me explain.

A Casual Road Trip

Earlier in the year, I purchased a new SUV but had not yet tried it out over any distance. I had some spare vacation time and decided it would be good to take my wife and teenage daughter on a trip. We decided to adopt a “go with the flow” attitude but built around a basic theme. By combining my vacation days with the Memorial Day holiday, we could head first to Gettysburg for the Memorial Service before heading to Ohio.

Why Ohio?

From time to time, my job takes me to Columbus OH, so, I know a fair bit about the area; but, I have never had the time to really explore the place. I had heard good reports about an Asian Food Festival held there around the Memorial Day holiday and thought that I could kill two birds with one stone. The 350 miles drive from Gettysburg to Columbus would be a good test for the SUV and I would get to experience the festival first hand – we all love Asian food.

Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

The short drive to Gettysburg went well and we started out for Ohio around mid-afternoon, found a motel around dusk, slept the night and made an early start on the long drive the following morning. The SUV was great to drive and we were eating up the miles as fast as the law allows.

Then – disaster – we had started to see signs for Columbus and felt we were well on schedule; but, on an open stretch of road, “BANG”, the whole windshield went white. Who knows what hit it but it was totally smashed; the safety glass had done its job but I could not see where I was going. Obviously, I needed to find replacement auto glass in Columbus, OH.

A few minutes on my daughter’s smart-phone and we had a number, called them and they sent out a truck with a temporary shield, escorted us to their workshop and then installed a new windshield in short order. We then proceeded to the festival and did get to enjoy an Asian dinner.

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