Six Questions To Ask An Auto Body Shop

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If you have a car in Missoula requiring repair work, it is easy to find a shop nearby. However, before you take your vehicle to an auto body shop, you should talk to their technicians and management. You need to find out exactly what the company does as well as what services it offers. Below are six basic questions you should ask before handing over your vehicle.

What to Ask.

‍When visiting an auto shop, preferably before anything serious happens, you should take a look around. You need to examine the working conditions and the general attitude in the shop. If you are considering any work, you need to ask questions. Among the top six suggested by Missoula mechanics are:

1. Does the shop provide you with a clear estimate of the costs?

2. Does any of the work performed, come with a warranty? If so, how long does it last? What type of work is not covered?

3. How long is the auto body work going to take? It does not matter what type of vehicular work you are looking at, be sure to get some sort of time-frame for its completion.

4. What qualifications do the shop and its employees have? Are they all certified? Are they currently up-to-date with certifications, licenses, and other related legal matters?

5. Does the shop supply rental/courtesy vehicles? If not, can they recommend or arrange for a nearby local rental company to provide one?

6. Do you have to sign a contract? If they say no, walk away. A written contract provides both parties with an understanding of their obligations.

Find an Auto Body Shop You Can Trust

No matter where you live, you know your vehicle is going to require maintenance, or repair work at some point. An auto body shop can provide you with the necessary services. However, always investigate before agreeing to leave your car for repairs.