Legal Action after an Auto Accident in Pasadena

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Lawyers

When people have been involved in car accidents, they may want to know what actions they can take to be compensated for their repair expenses, medical bills, and lost wages. Rather than settle without an attorney to help them, people are advised to retain counsel who can help them after an Auto Accident in Pasadena. A lawyer who practices in this arena of law knows the local and state laws regarding vehicle accidents. This person can also be relied upon to negotiate with car insurance companies, employers, and other entities that might have an interest in the case.

When people hire a lawyer for their Auto Accident in Pasadena, they may first ask that they be compensated for their auto repairs. These expenses can be significant if the accident totaled their car or if their vehicle is not driveable in its current condition. If they did not cause the wreck, these victims should not have to pay for their repair expenses. However, if the responsible party refuses to pay, the victims’ lawyer can pursue compensation with a lawsuit or other legal action in court. This action filed by their attorney could be enough to cause the responsible party to pay for the victim’s expenses.

Victims may also need help contacting and negotiating with insurance companies. Many insurance companies fight having to pay for the claims of victims. They want to make sure that their clients actually caused the wreck, and they will delay processing a claim for several months, if not longer. A victim’s attorney can negotiate on behalf of the client and persuade the company to act faster. If need be, the lawyer can also file a lawsuit against the insurer.

Many people who are in car accidents are unable to go back to work anytime soon after the wreck. They may be too injured or sore to return to work as usual. When they take time off to recuperate, however, these individuals may not have the short term disability benefits to compensate for their lost income. The responsibility to make up the victims’ lost wages should fall on the person or people who caused the wreck. The victims’ lawyers can pursue compensation for the lost income as well in court.

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