Creating Your Smile With a General Dentist in Lafayette, LA


Smiles display a pleasant demeanor that automatically makes people feel comfortable. The perfect smile does not always come naturally and quite often to preserve it there is a lot of maintenance involved. Some people who are born with a perfect smile may lose it over time and others may have to create it altogether. However, the perfect smile in Louisiana is dependent on excellent oral health care, which is typically achieved by patients who are under the care of a qualified General Dentist in Lafayette LA, who has the skill and the experience to develop a complete oral treatment plan using the most effective dental procedures, and the latest dental technology.

Michael J. Young, DDS provides a variety of dental services that help patients maintain and achieve the best oral health care. For patients who need restorative or prosthetic dentistry, they provide crowns, fillings, tooth extractions, root canals, dental implants, bridges, partials and dentures. Although many patients see their dentist regularly, and practice good dental habits at home, it may be necessary to perform one of these procedures to eliminate a dental problem. For patients who need cosmetic dentistry, Michael J. Young, DDS offers a variety of options that will improve a person’s smile with less invasive dental procedures than in the past. They can fit patients with clear braces using invisalign aligners, contour the gums for a better appearance, perform dental bonding as an alternative to traditional fillings, whiten teeth for a more noticeable smile, and attach veneers for a complete smile restoration.

Dental care professionals understand that many patients who do not go to the dentist on a regular basis do care about their oral health, but are afraid of many dental procedures. This fear prevents them from consistently scheduling appointments for preventive dentistry or other procedures, and typically they only see the dentist in an emergency. Sedation dentistry is designed specifically for patients who experience a heightened level of fear or anxiety. They can choose either nitrous oxide, or oral sedation medication to calm their fears and get them back in the dentist’s chair.

A great smile benefits people’s personal lives and their professional lives as well. Scheduling an appointment with Michael J. Young, DDS, a General Dentist in Lafayette, LA, is the beginning of an effective dental treatment plan. He will create a perfect smile that will reflect his patient’s true personality, and provide optimal dental health care as well.