Learn Who Is Running For SC Senate In 2020


The state of South Carolina is always an important one in the political landscape of the U.S. as the state shows how each party is viewed in the south. As one of the first to vote in presidential primaries, the state is always viewed as vital to understanding what the nation is thinking when it comes to the parties and who will be in power. Who is running for SC Senate in 2020 is another way of gauging how the nation will vote when the time comes and take control of Washington.

The declared candidates

In the last few years, the state of South Carolina has lived up to its tradition as a largely Republican territory with well-known faces battling for seats in the House and Senate. Those Republicans who are looking to take their skills and experience to Washington face a tough challenge with Senator Lindsay Graham challenging for his fourth term. Joe Reynolds is one of the leading candidates looking to challenge Graham with Fox News Anchor Eric Boiling thought to be considering a challenge. On the Democrat side, all eyes are on the Mayor of Columbia, Stephen K. Benjamin who has yet to make a decision about his candidacy.

Joe Reynolds is the answer to who is running for SC Senate in 2020

The role of Joe Reynolds in the U.S. Merchant Marine gives him a grounding in many of the problems facing the U.S. as a whole. The ability to work within tight budgets and face the problems an emergency brings allows Joe Reynolds to feel he is qualified to take the seat currently held by Lindsay Graham in 2020.

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