Ensure the Safety of a Property with Asbestos Disposal in New Haven CT

Asbestos Removal

As professional asbestos disposal in New Haven, CT, company, we understand the need for this dangerous material to be removed from our homes in a timely and safe manner. Asbestos was a material that was used from the middle of the 20th-century to the latter half of the same era because of the dangers that can be caused to public health. When you discover your home has areas of asbestos within it is vital the homeowner does not make the decision to try and remove them on their own because a broken asbestos sheet becomes dangerous.

Impacts on Health

There are many impacts on the health of an individual that can be seen when asbestos sheets are discovered within a property and small fibers are released into the atmosphere. Although asbestos is found naturally in the environment the manufactured forms of this material can be dangerous because the fibers that are released into the atmosphere are breathed in and become attached to the interior of the lungs. Asbestos removal is a dangerous time that a professional service understands and takes the correct precautions to ensure all employees remain healthy in the present and the future.

Safe Disposal Techniques

Most states have their own regulations and requirements when it comes to removing asbestos safely with a professional service providing the best opportunity for success when you contact us. The use of safe disposal techniques is a key part of the success of any asbestos removal project and should be done within the rules of the EPA and other local bodies. Contact us at Astech Marmon, Inc. to learn more about safe asbestos disposal in New Haven, CT.