In Overland Park, KS; Gutters Are Important


Once we get out of living in an in-city apartment and move out to a house and lot in the Overland Park, KS suburbs; all sorts of new “things” enter our lives. It is now, our roof that is over our heads and that means that we are responsible for it. We have to make sure that the roof keeps the weather out of our home and we look into things like roofing shingles, roof insulation and, just as important; getting the right Overland Park, KS Gutters.

Even A Modest House Has Quite A Big Footprint

As well as its basic plan shape on the ground; the slopes, peaks and valleys of your roof provide quite a large area for the sun to shine on; or, rain and snow to fall on. Here in Overland Park, KS, we get around 42.5 inches of rain and some 22.2 inches of snow in an average year – which is quite a lot landing on the square footage of our roof. Where does it all go to?

We deliberately have our roofs sloped so that the water will run straight off and snow will slide off before it gets too deep and heavy. It is quite normal practice to have the roof overhang the walls of the house; so, water runoff will not go straight down the walls; but, the last thing you want is a sort of curtain waterfall plunging down onto your yard totally out of control. This is why we place gutters at the lowest edges of our roofs. These Overland Park, KS Gutters catch the water flow; but, there is still more that needs to be done; remember, we are catching a lot of water even during a moderate rain shower; let alone a fully fledged thunderstorm. All this water will rapidly fill even the most voluminous of Overland Park, KS Gutters; unless it can be drained off.

Off The Roof; Into The Gutter; Then, Down The Drain

At strategic points around the guttering; we place downpipes whose function is to control the water flow down to ground level and then direct it where we want it to go. This could be straight into the storm drain system and off the property through the area’s surface water collection system; or we could be extra ecologically sound and harvest at least some of the water for our own future use.

If you plan to install new Overland Park, KS Gutters; or need existing ones repaired; you should contact the Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering.