Get Fit and Healthy With The Max Challenge

Health And Fitness

When going to a regular gym just leaves you with aching knees and a craving for carbs, this is not going to help you lose weight or enjoy a healthier lifestyle. With The Max Challenge, we offer fitness programs and lessons on nutrition Staten Island Woodrow NY. The Max Challenge is not your ordinary gym. For the exercise part of what we do, our instructors function as a combination life coach and personal trainer. You will perform a variety of exercises that strengthen your body and burn calories. Our fitness challenges are an ideal combination of strength training and cardio.

The second part of what we do in The Max Challenge is nutritional counseling and motivation for a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is only one part of being fit. What you eat is also important. Throughtout our ten-week program, we provide you with a new nutritional lesson every week. You will learn how small, incremental changes over that ten week period can make a big impact on your health. You do not have to do a big fast, strange cleanse or drop entire food groups.

Our combination of fitness challenges and nutritional guidance delivers results. After just a few classes with us, you will notice that your cravings for carbs go away. You will feel fitter and have more energy. Yes, that is right, you can feel more energetic even if you are exercising on a regular basis. These healthy life changes are sustainable for your entire lifetime.

When you are ready to get fit and learn about nutrition Staten Island Woodrow NY, contact us at The MAX Challenge of Staten Island Woodrow. You may also visit us online to learn more about our fitness and nutritional programs.