THE MAX Challenge: Exercise and Nutrition New Providence NJ

Fitness Training Center

The Max is not about joining a regular gym. The Max Challenge of New Providence is a fitness program designed to do more than merely being a workout. The Max Challenge remains a 10-week long training system that has been designed to make significant and quick changes to the way your look and feel. We offer counseling in nutrition, fitness classes and various types of motivation. Our highly trained instructors can modify movements so that people gain strength and stamina while not overdoing it. Everyone is challenged to work up to their top potential. So, using the Max Challenge is much more than a regular gym.

Here is what a typical week of working out at the Max looks like:

• Monday is a cardio workout with a motivational instructor.
• Tuesday’s workout consists of an upper body strength workout.
• Wednesday’s workout is a cardio workout led by inspirational instructors.
• Thursday works the lower body and builds strength.
• Friday has a rousing cardio kickboxing session to get your heart pumping.

The Max Nutrition New Providence NJ

A specific plan of eating is created for you to get the proper nutrients during the 10-week challenge’s physical demands and to optimize your results. There are no unique foods; in fact, all the required foods can be found in your local grocery store. No expensive supplements are needed. And the most exciting aspect of our nutrition plan is that it has a support system that works like a small family to encourage each other in their individual goals.

The Max Challenge of New Providence has supported and helped people just like you by nurturing and encouraging individuals who want their lives and bodies. Take the Max Challenge today and finally make the transformation of your dreams.