Improve the Exterior of Your Home With Replacement Windows in Lexington KY


The exterior of your home can be one of its most important assets. It is the first thing people see when they drive by and it can greatly affect the value of the property. One thing that will dramatically impact the look of the exterior is aging or damaged windows. Windows were originally framed with wood because that was the primary building material. This is why most alternative window frames tend to resemble wood products. The other types of replacement windows in Lexington KY use either aluminum frames or vinyl frames.


One important reason for replacing the windows in your home is energy conservation. Older windows can leak which exposes the interior of the home to outside air and sound. You may notice this problem when moving around your home and you feel drafts of air. Older wood windows are notorious for this because the wood will dry and warp. Plus, the seals around the wood framed windows can dry out and allow the elements to enter the home. Aluminum windows tend to leak around the frames when the seal between the frame and the wall deteriorates. In many cases this is simply a caulk seal around the edges. However, aluminum can bend which also allows air to enter the home.

Vinyl framed windows are generally the choice for most window replacements. There are many reasons for this including the way they simulate older window styles. You can get vinyl frames that look exactly like the windows in construction styles such as Craftsman or Colonial. Plus, vinyl framed windows come with several energy saving options. For instance, there are double pane windows designed to increase the insulating capacity of the product. Not to mention the fact that vinyl windows tend to seal tightly around the window installation.

There may be many reasons to change your home’s windows, but one of the most important is improving the value of the property. New windows can easily increase your equity in the home. They are also a great choice if you are planning to sell. New windows make the exterior of the house look fresh. This is important whenever you are trying to impress possible buyers. If you are looking for Replacement Windows in Lexington KY be sure to consult with Affordable Exteriors. They can help you find the right windows for your home.