Tips For Lowering Your Condo Insuracne In Fort Myers


Having your home destroyed by a natural disaster can be devastating. It can be even worse if you don’t have an insurance policy to help cover the cost of finding another home. Unfortunately, many people have seen their insurance rates increase lately and have decided to cancel their insurance policies. However, canceling your insurance policy is never a good idea even if your rates have increased. Therefore, if you’ve recently seen your condo insurance rates increase, you should know there are a few tips you can follow to drastically cut your rates.

One thing you can do to reduce the amount you pay for condo insurance in Fort Myers is to increase the amount of your insurance deductible. Most condo insurance policies have a five hundred dollar deductible, but if you are willing to increase your deductible to around two thousand dollars, you will be able to reduce your yearly premiums by about twenty percent. Also, if you are able to pay your insurance bill in full instead of in monthly installments, you could reduce your rates by an additional five percent.

Another way you can lower your condo insurance is by putting all of your insurance products with one company. For example, if you currently have condo, car, and motorcycle insurance with different companies, grouping all of them together with one insurance company could lower your rates by about twenty percent. Also, contacting other insurance companies about getting insurance with them is a great way to reduce your rates, too. Many people who have been with the same insurance carrier for a long time are happy to find they are able to lower their insurance by switching companies.

It’s easy to see there are a lot of things you can do to reduce the amount you pay for Condo Insurance in Fort Myers. If you feel it may be a good idea to speak with other insurance companies about reducing your rates, contact Lee County Insurance Agency today. One of their agents will happily provide you with a quote for condo insurance or for any other types of insurance you’re interested in. Plus, if you need help determining what insurance coverage you need, one of their agents is happy to help you pick out products that are right for you.