Choosing the Right Braces in Ripon, WI


Straightening a person’s teeth is easier than ever with all of the different options for braces in Ripon WI. Whether an adolescent or an adult is interested in straighter teeth, an orthodontist can help making the right selection for the individual. Here are the three main choices for patients looking to take advantage of braces for a straighter, more attractive smile.

Traditional Metal or Ceramic Braces

When people hear the word braces, metal braces are probably the first things that come to mind. In the past, these were the most common choice when it came to teeth alignment. While they are the most noticeable option, many people can overlook that fact because they are the least expensive. When it comes to getting results, metal braces tend to deliver faster than the alternatives.

Lingual Braces

These braces are just like the traditional metal braces. However, instead of being on the front of the teeth, they are located on the back. This makes them much less noticeable, making them a great choice for individuals that are going to feel self conscious about wearing braces. While being hidden is great for a person’s aesthetics, the lingual braces do have some drawbacks. For one, they tend to take longer to achieve results when compared to traditional braces. They also cost and tend to be more difficult to clean because of their location.


Invisalign has becomes a popular choice over the years because of the aesthetics they provide. It is possible to have in Invisalign braces without anyone really noticing. They can be removed when necessary, including while a person is eating, and every couple of weeks a new set of molds is produced to help keep teeth moving in the right direction. While it is great to have “invisible” braces, they are the most expensive option for patients. They also take the longest to achieve results.

When the time comes to choose Braces in Ripon WI, patients have lots of different options to consider. For those interested in keeping braces on for the shortest amount of time and sticking with a budget along the way, the traditional metal braces are the way to go. However, patients wanting to avoid the appearance of braces tend to really benefit from the Invisalign braces. Contact Silver Creek Dentistry for more information about the different types of braces and their benefits.