How to Keep Your Outdoor Furnishings in Good Condition


Outdoor furniture can keep your yard looking good and provide a relaxing space, but since it is kept outside, it can be exposed to extreme weather conditions that make it dirty and worn. These are a few tips for taking care of your furnishings and keeping them looking like new:

1. Regular Cleaning

Because it is outdoors, it can be easy to neglect cleaning your patio furniture, which results in it rapidly showing its age. recommends cleaning it at least once every two weeks in order to make it last longer. The exact methods you use will depend on the type of furniture you have and the materials it is made out of. Be sure to use the correct cleaning tools and methods for your furniture’s materials. If there has just been a severe storm or other weather conditions, it may be worth cleaning your furniture afterwards and checking it for damage.

2. Refurbishing

There are specialty services for refurbishing outdoor furniture and making it look like new. If your existing furniture has been neglected and is looking old, it may be cheaper to hire this service rather than buying replacements every few years.

3. Clean Before and After Storage

You will likely put your furniture into storage at the end of the summer, which will keep it in better condition than letting it sit out in the rain and snow. recommends cleaning it before putting it into storage and then again when you take it out, as it may have gathered some dust. This will prevent the need for more thorough cleaning in the middle of the summer.

Just a little regular cleaning and thorough cleaning and restoration at certain times will keep all of your patio and pool furniture looking good and lasting for a much longer time. It will save you a lot of money in constantly replacing your furniture.