Why Use Intermodal Shipping for Booze Transportation?

Transportation and Logistics

Does your business ship alcohol? If so, you know about all the red tape and regulations you have to meet. This can make booze transportation costly and time-consuming. However, when you come to a reputable freight brokerage service, they can help you with your shipping needs and show you the benefits of intermodal shipping. Here are some reasons to check out these services soon.

What Does Intermodal Mean?

Intermodal means you use more than one way to ship cargo. For example, a trailer may travel by semi truck for part of a journey and then on a rail car for its destination. This method can also include ocean travel. For example, suppose you ship internationally. Your load can go by truck to the coast, and then travel on an ocean-going vessel to the customer.


Some people believe that multimodal and intermodal are the same things. However, there is one major difference. With intermodal shipping, you deal with more than one freight company for booze transportation. When you ship multimodal, you get a bill from one carrier which assumes responsibility for everything.

Why Ship Intermodal?

Why would you want to ship by rail and truck? This is often the most cost-effective method of transport. For example, suppose your load is leaving Louisville Kentucky and going to Emporia, Kansas. It’s easy to find a rail route to Kansas City, Missouri and you’ll get a good shipping rate. Since Kansas City is a little over 100 miles from Emporia, your load can leave Kansas City by truck to get to Emporia. This is sometimes cheaper than shipping by truck from Kentucky to Kansas.

Choosing the Right Service for Booze Transportation

When you need to ship liquor, wines, or other spirits, consider an experienced freight brokerage specializing in your needs. They’ll save you money, time, and labor costs.