How to Find the Source of a Leaking Roof?

Leak Detection

If you notice water on the floors in your home or running down the walls and you haven’t recently cleaned, then you might have a leak coming from your roof. A roof leak detection specialist can examine your residence to determine where the leak could be located and how severe it is so that the proper repairs can be made. Here are a few areas where leaks are most commonly found.

When you have older shingles on your roof, they can easily become damaged. If they aren’t replaced, then water can get underneath them and then leak into your home. This is usually an easy repair that only requires replacement of the damaged shingles.

If there is an area of your roof that dips lower than others, then you might notice more leaks than along other areas. This is because water has an opportunity to pool in crevices and valleys instead of easily running off the roof as it would on a slanted area. If there has been an ice storm, then the water from the melting ice can sometimes seep into the corners of your roof, which can result in damage to the roof and leaks in your home. A roof leak detection specialist can determine the severity of this type of leak before making repairs.

Around the Chimney
Since there are different areas of flashing around your chimney, it’s common to notice leaks in this area. All you need is a small crack for water to get through the chimney and end up in your fireplace and then the rest of your home. Water that leaks through your chimney can also flow behind your walls without you realizing until you begin to see damage on your floors or walls.

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