Wondering When Do I A Need Pool Inspection And How Can I Tell?

Leak Detection

If you have a pool, you may be unaware that it can develop a leak, especially if it’s an in-ground pool. Any type of pool can develop a leak, but they’re especially dangerous for in-ground pools.

Are There Ways To Spot A Pool Leak?

Pool leaks can be detected but you need to know the signs of a leak. Whether you have a vinyl liner or a gunite finish, a leak can develop.

Are Leaks Really Important?

A pinhole-sized hole can leak as many as 360,000 gallons of water over a year. Not only will this waste a precious resource of water, but if you have a heated pool, it can substantially increase your electric bill. If your pool is close to your house, water can seep under the foundation and cause structural damage to your home. So, yes, it’s important to locate and repair a pool leak.

Do You Need A Pool Inspection In NJ?

If your water and heating bills have increased dramatically and it’s not due to the weather, then you may leak into your pool. If you’re wondering whether you need a pool inspection in NJ, then you may need one, if for no other reason than peace of mind.

What Causes A Leak?

Leaks can be caused by several factors, such as:

Cracked or compromised pipes

Holes in a vinyl liner

Damage to a gunite finish

Ground shifting, such as in earthquake-prone areas

During pool inspections in New Jersey, professional inspectors can locate leaks using visual as well as technological methods.

How Is A Leak Discovered?

There are several methods for discovering a leak during a pool inspection in NJ.

How Frequently Should Owners Have Pool Inspections in New Jersey?
Pool owners should schedule pool inspections in NJ at least annually, or sooner if they notice a dramatic increase in their utility bills that are not attributable to other sources.

Need To Schedule Pool Inspections In NJ?

If you’re wondering “When do I need pool inspections”, then contact Atlantic Pool Leak Detection to schedule an appointment with one of the best pool leak detection services in the area.