Three Important Tips That Will Help You Select Any Type of Gold Jewelry


Most people enjoy wearing some type of jewelry. In particular, yellow gold jewelry stands out as a popular option. If you’re in the market for a new ring, bracelet, or set of earrings, it pays to know a bit about gold pieces in general. Here are three tips that will help you decide what would work best for you.

Know The Difference Between Gold and Gold-Plated

You’ll notice some pieces are marketed as gold jewelry while others are advertised as gold-plated. The difference has to do with the types of alloys used for those pieces. When advertised as gold, that means that’s the primary alloy. Gold plated refers to pieces that are primarily composed of some other type of alloy, but have a thin layer or veneer of gold on the surface.

Depending on your intended use of the jewelry, gold-plated pieces may work fine. This is especially true if those other alloys don’t trigger any type of rash or other type of skin infection.

Karatage Matters

Karatage refers to how pure the gold happens to be. There are actually several classifications of karatage. Knowing them helps you get an idea of how pure that piece of yellow gold jewelry happens to be. Typically, a 10-karat piece is 41 percent gold with other alloys mixed in with the gold. By contrast, a 24-karat piece is 100 percent gold.

Consider How Often You’ll Wear the Jewelry

One thing you should remember is that the purest gold is somewhat soft. That means it’s not necessarily suitable for jewelry that’s somewhat fine. For example, a thin ring band or a gold chain that’s 24-karat would not be something you wanted to wear every day. When you’re looking at a piece that you wear often, something along the middle range is a good idea. You’ll find that a 14 to 18 karat piece is sturdy enough to wear daily. If that’s what you plan on doing, focus on gold in this range.

Remember that pieces will vary in price as well as design. Keep these three tips in mind even as you look for something that fits your price range and has a look that you like. The right choice for yellow gold jewelry will serve you well for years.