Hoses and Brass Fittings Customized in Tulsa

Construction and Maintenance

Brass Fittings in Tulsa, along with hoses and truck parts and accessories are available while you wait in Tulsa. website domain is your place to find whatever you need in the form of hoses, adapters, stainless steel and iron pipe and cam locks. Cam locks are an essential part for proper latching which is important to the truck’s functionality and safety. They can repair any hose or make one while you wait to the specifications of your truck. They will also make something of your own design if you prefer. They strive to be a one stop shop with a large inventory, stocking hard to find parts as well as the commonly needed ones.

Affordable and efficient services are available 24/7 for emergencies and sudden repairs. Food grade hoses, hoses maent to transport oil, small and delicate hoses and large industrial hoses are no problem here. They keep materials in stock so you will not have to wait a long time for your order to be completed. Brass Fittings in Tulsa is a specialty, but any other metal fittings are available as well. Stainless steel, iron, aluminum, metric and custom fittings are not a problem. Some examples of fittings are garden hose fittings; barbed hose fittings; fuel line fittings; brass drains, valves, 45 degree flare and poly fittings; air brake copper and nylon tubing, hose ends and accessories; and push on fittings. Several other products are available and in stock so call or go in if you need any type of fitting imaginable.

This company has been in operation for awhile and has the experience you need for custom jobs and professional repairs. They can keep your trucks moving, and your fittings secure so your business runs smoothly and efficiently. They will work with you to build any hoses or fittings you may need to get the job done. If another place tells you they can’t get a part you need, go to this place and, chances are, they will either have it in stock or will know how to get it for you. Customer satisfaction is important to this company and they strive to prove it every day.