Benefits of Getting Water Softeners in Ocala FL

Water Proofing

Hard water is normally formed when soft water comes into contact with mineral rock such as dolomite, limestone and chalk, absorbing excessive bicarbonate salts, calcium and magnesium. Normally, drinking hard water has hardly any negative side effects. However, it is very destructive to appliances such as kettles, boilers, water supply pipes and the entire plumbing system. The effects of hard water are widespread. Here are some reasons you should get Water Softeners in Ocala FL.

Solving the problem of soap that won’t lather

People waste a lot of soap on household cleaning processes such as washing dishes and kitchen appliances, laundry and even bathing. Here is what happens when hard water mixes with soap:

* Hard water contains excessive calcium ions.

* The process that is used in the manufacture of soap leads to the presence of chloride ions in soap and other detergents.

* When the soap comes into contact with hard water, a chemical reaction takes place where calcium chloride precipitate is formed. This precipitate is left suspended on the water, something that makes it very hard for the water to lather.

This resultant precipitate is known as scum. It settles on cleaning surfaces, washing machines, and bathtubs. Scum is extremely difficult to clean. When you use a water softener, the calcium ions are removed, and washing becomes very easy.

Water softening saves your plumbing

Another thing that you need to worry about when you have hard water is the lifespan of your plumbing system. When a lot of hard water is passing through your plumbing, minerals in the hard water leach out and form lime scale on the surface of the pipes. At times, this lime scale can block the pipes, leading to need for repairs. There are times when this corrosion can lead to leaks forming in the plumbing pipes.

When you invest in Water Softeners in Ocala FL, you will avoid creating all of these problems in your home. The cleaning processes will be simpler, and your plumbing will last for a long period. EcoWater Systems helps with the installation of water softeners and related support services