Water Damage in Rancho Bernardo Requires Immediate Attention

Construction and Maintenance

Water damage to your home requires immediate attention because walls will soak up the water and black mold will grow just about everywhere in the area. The professionals who deal in Water Damage in Rancho Bernardo can provide you with help in salvaging your property. The professional and highly trained technicians use the latest technologies to dry out wet carpet, cleanup sewage, deodorize, dehumidify, and remove water that has permeated deep within your structure.

If necessary, carpet can be removed and dried, and the floor can be cleaned and sanitized. Mold remediation can be provided to eliminate potential health hazards. The walls will be checked to determine if the wallboard or plaster has soaked up any water. If so, then the area behind the walls will need to be checked for mold growth, which is very likely.

This condition will require the removal of the wet wall and drying out the studding after any mold growth has been removed. It takes only 48 hours for mold to grow. Water will travel into every corner of the floor the water has invaded. Therefore, a professional needs to examine everywhere water is setting. The professionals at water damage services in Rancho Bernardo are experienced at finding hidden pockets of water which will take time to dry out and allow black mold to populate the area.

Basements present another series of problems which need special attention. If the sewer has backed up, then sewage extraction is necessary. If the area is carpeted, it would be wise to destroy the carpet and clean and sanitize the basement floor. If wood flooring or asphalt tile is on the floor, the flooring might be salvaged if the sewage has not penetrated to the concrete floor. If it has, then the floor must be removed. The technicians at Water Damage in Rancho Bernardo are IICRC trained and certified, and they will completely restore your home to a safe place to live.

If reconstruction work is required, companies who specialize in reconstruction will be recommended, but our staff will only make this recommendation when they believe your house is ready to be restored to its pre-loss condition. A top company will work with your insurance company to obtain the approvals for our work, thereby relieving you of this burden while you have a home to restore.

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