Hire Landscapers in Rockford, IL to Have a Great Yard Without the Work!


Having the perfect yard requires far more than getting plants and grass professionally planted. Without constant maintenance, it will soon revert to field quality. Such maintenance almost always goes beyond the simple mowing of the lawn. Shrubs and bushes need to be trimmed, gardens have to be weeded, and lawns need to be aerated.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a retire with hundreds of hours of time on your hands to achieve the desired effects. Instead, you can have landscapers in Rockford, IL do all of the work. Here are some of the things they’ll handle for you.

Plant Bed Maintenance
Putting in flowers is just the first step for obtaining a great flower bed. Let landscapers come on a weekly basis to weed the garden, remove dead blooms, and keep it looking at its best. It’ll look like you spent all kinds of time on your knees, when in reality, you didn’t lift a finger.

Lawn Mowing
This basic job is one that many people dread, especially when the weather has gotten hot. Let the professionals ride around on commercial mowers to have it done in a snap! Even better, professional mowing services will also take care of the little things that make a lawn look perfect instead of merely chopped down. They’ll weed-whack around the house, trees, and other obstacles that a mower can’t get close to. They’ll also edge the lawn. These things provide the crisp look that the average homeowner would need hours to match.

Shrubs, bushes, and trees all need occasional trimming in order for them to keep their appealing shapes. This is especially true of bushes and shrubs, which can quickly look overgrown if left to their own devices. Having them trimmed back by landscapers in Rockford, IL area also eliminates harborage for rodents and other unwanted wildlife, ensures that your house won’t be covered in unruly plant life, and increases curb appeal.

Lawn Aeration
Core aeration involves removing small cores of grass from the lawn. Doing so allows air and water to get to the roots of the grass and keeps it strong and healthy. It is far better than spike aeration because it doesn’t contribute to soil compaction.

These are just some of the services offered by professional landscaping companies. By choosing all of the ones relevant to your landscape, you can have a great yard without doing a stitch of work.