Three Benefits of Criminal Attorney in Kalamazoo MI


Being convicted of a crime can be a serious emotional and legal challenge. The best way to win a case of this magnitude may be by retaining a criminal attorney in Kalamazoo MI to represent you.

Professional Legal Advice

When faced with any legal issue, it is important to rely on the advice offered by a trained professional. This is especially true if there is a steep penalty or possible jail time awaiting the individual. The attorney can provide you with the necessary information to begin the legal process and work toward reducing the charges associated with the crime.

In an attempt to understand what to do legally, it is important to consult with an attorney. This will provide the client the right direction to take to begin the process.

The Consultation with the Attorney

The first meeting with a criminal attorney in Kalamazoo MI, this should address many facts regarding the crime. Listed below are questions the client may be asked during the first meeting:

1. What crime were you charge with and what is the severity of the crime?
2. Were drugs involved in the charge and if so, were you convicted of selling drugs?
3. Where did the conviction occur and what was the date and time?
4. Were other people involved in the crime or were you the only one?
5. Where did the conviction occur and in what legal jurisdiction?
6. Have you ever been convicted of a crime or felony in the past? If so, how long ago was that?

There are many other questions that may be asked by the attorney and this will work to assist in building a strong case for the client.

Representation in Court

The attorney will represent the client in court and will provide the opening statements while presenting the case to a judge or a jury. This will assist in working to win the case when strong evidence is provided.

Finally, once a decision has been reached and a verdict served the person accused of a crime must abide by what is stated in a court of law.