If You Suspect an Infestation, Call for Termite Treatment Before it’s Too Late!

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Whenever evidence of termites is found, it signals an emergency situation. Some types of termites, including those found in Arizona, can destroy the timbers used for housing framework in just 3-5 months if a sufficient infestation exists. Even worse, the telltale mud tunnels they build up basement walls or the nests they sometimes hang from interior walls and ceilings often aren’t produced in visible locations until there is already a significant infestation within the house’s walls.

To help spot an infestation before the insects are readily visible, check for damage to wooden furniture, drywall, and even to books. Note that chew marks aren’t always obvious. This is because termites tend to make a tiny access hole and then hollow out the target. You may well find out that a wooden chair has been undermined by having it crumble one of the times you sit down!

Even though most termites like to hide from the light, you may sometimes see a dead specimen in a random place. Termite nests also send forth a great quantity of winged breeders on a seasonal basis. If you see actual termites or discover damage caused by them, you definitely need to call a company like Wildcat Exterminating Inc. to come out and do termite treatment. When mud tunnel construction or actual nests can be observed, the situation is even more urgent.

One of the things that makes termites so devastating is that they don’t merely nest in wood. They actually eat it as their food. This means that each one needs to devour part of your house on a daily basis in order to stay alive. The huge numbers of insects that can exist in a single nest compounds the problem greatly. Large nests can have millions of these tiny individuals within them! It gets even worse. While termites prefer wood, they’ll also eat paper, drywall, and even Sheetrock. Needless to say, such a huge nest full of insects this ravenous can make short work of any house.

Once you call for termite treatment, at least two methods of attack will generally be deployed. There’ll be bait applications to get rid of existing insects, and barrier treatments meant to keep more from coming in. Together, these treatments will eliminate the problem and can keep it from coming back for an extended period of time.