Getting Driveway Sealing Done in Middleton, CT


The driveway to a house sees a lot of traffic regularly, and that traffic commonly damages the asphalt that was used to create the driveway. In addition to the heavy press of vehicles driving over it, asphalt is also exposed to the elements. When it rains and snows often, even the most secure of roads, like public streets and interstates, are damaged due to the weather. While these big roads develop potholes and other issues, the damage done to a driveway is a little bit less severe, though it can turn into a pothole problem if it is left alone long enough.

Having driveway sealing in Middletown City done not only protects the driveway while increasing the life expectancy of it, but it also makes the driveway, and the home as a whole, look much nicer. Sealing the driveway changes its texture from rough gray asphalt to a smooth, black perfection. There are several steps that are performed by the contractors while they complete the driveway. First, Sullivan Paving would inspect the driveway and then power edge the area. This allows for an easier time putting the sealant on, as well as making sure that they will not be sealing grass. Prior to getting started, the company should thoroughly clean the surface to make sure that the final product is smooth. Part of the preparation includes filling in any cracks and correct any issues with patches, so that the driveway will not have any additional issues with those areas.

After the necessary preparations for driveway sealing in Middletown City have been completed, Sullivan Paving would then hand brush a commercial grade sealer on the driveway. Not only does hand brushing the sealer onto the asphalt give it as nicer look and ensures that there are no missed spots, but it also makes sure that the sealing will not get on anything it is not supposed to. When they are finished with the job, the company would then clean up the area and then rope off the driveway for a day or two. This allows the sealing to finish curing without being disturbed or damaged by vehicles which would hurt the process.