Adults can wear braces too


It’s been long thought that any orthodontic care, such as braces is strictly for kids. This is not true, most adults can also be fitted with braces in Findlay OH and with the drift towards cosmetic dentistry; braces are often part of the total package.

Not every adult is a candidate for braces; the dentist will have to perform a thorough examination first to determine the suitability. During this initial consultation, the dentist can answer any and all questions you may have about braces, how long will they be on and how much will they cost.

Although traditional metal braces can be fitted to an adult just as easy as they can be fitted to a juvenile, many adults tend to prefer invisible braces. Invisible braces do the same job over time but they are not noticeable as are metal braces in Findlay, OH. Invisible braces are made from clear plastic; they consist of a liner tray that move the teeth into the desired position over time.

With metal braces, they are adjusted periodically to move the teeth as desired by the dentist. In the case of invisible braces, a new aligner must be made an placed every few weeks, the number of aligners required during the process all depends on the original state of the teeth alignment and will be determined by the dentist as treatment progresses. During the time required for the process, the wearer can remove the aligner when eating or when cleaning the teeth. This is a much better solution that metal braces which can require considerable amount of time and detail to clean them properly.

The only appliance used in the process is the aligner tray; there is no need for wires or brackets or any adjustments. Most adults who wear the invisible braces find them quite comfortable to wear and far more socially acceptable.

Although invisible braces are become quite popular, not all dentists offer them as an alternative. If you want invisible braces of course speak to your normal dentist, but do not be disappointed if you are referred elsewhere.

Once the decision has been made to go ahead with invisible braces, the dentist will make the necessary impressions and the lab will take it from there. In many cases the lab will make a model of the patient’s mouth and then map the aligner on a computer to the exact specifications.

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