Get Trailer Axle Hubs from the North Dakota Trailer Parts Company


In order to be able to haul anything, one needs to have a trailer. For trailers to be able to move, they need to have wheels, which are attached to the axles with trailer axle hubs. Hubs are available in four different sizes, four-bolt, five-bolt, six-bolt, and eight-bolt, so if different wheels are needed, they can easily be changed. The more bolts in an axle hub, the bigger and heavier the loads that trailers can haul. It is never a good idea to haul more weight than the axle hub is designed for. It is just as easy to change it.

The four-bolt trailer axle hub is for the lightest loads, and can accommodate up to 2,000 pounds. This weight is the total of the trailer and the load together. These axle hubs are usually used for trailers that are hauling things like all-terrain vehicles, jet skis, and other sporting vehicles. For those who want to transport heavier items, it is best to switch to a different type of hub. All types are available at the North Dakota trailer parts company that offers everything one needs to keep trailers on the road.

When someone is going to have loads between 2,000 and 3,500 pounds, they will need to have a five-bolt axle hub. Because there is an odd number of bolts, it is harder to find the center easily, making these axle hubs harder to attach. They must be perfectly aligned in order to keep the tires from wearing unevenly, and to keep trailers balanced.

There are two types of six-bolt axle hubs available at the North Dakota trailer parts company, one rated for 3,500 pounds and the other for 5,200 pounds. It is important to get the right hub for the right axle when using the six-bolt axle hub. If replacing the axle hub that is rated for 5,200 pounds, the 3,500 pound rated six-bolt axle hub is the one to use, but the tire mounting will also need to be changed. For loads up to 7,000 pounds, eight-bolt axle bolts will be needed. For these and other trailer parts, visit