A Disability Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI Can Help Determine Your Eligibility for Social Security

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If you have been injured, or you suffer from an illness or injury that will prevent you from working, there is a good chance that you can get social security disability payments. While you work throughout your life, there is a portion of your pay held for social security insurance. This insurance is supposed to be held on your behalf in the event that something happens and you are not able to work. However, many people find that getting payments after an illness or injury seems like a daunting task that is practically impossible to accomplish alone. This is where a here. They will help you initially by determining if you are eligible for disability. There are a few different things that a judge will look at when they are considering your disability application.

What Is Your Injury or Illness?

The very first thing to be considered in a social security case is just what the claimant is suffering from as far as illness or injury. The judge will want to determine if the illness or injury is serious enough to prevent a person from being able to work. Your disability attorney in Grand Rapids, MI will do the same thing. They will ask you a variety of different questions about what is wrong and how it has affected your day to day life. This will help them to gather information for your case.

Are You Able to Work At All?

The entire reason you will be applying for social security disability is the fact that your illness or injury has left you unable to work. You must keep in mind that judges who determine the outcome of this type of case are very skeptical of what is said because there are so many people who try and work the system. Therefore, be completely honest with your attorney about what you can and cannot do when it comes to performing work. This information given to your disability attorney will be used to determine if there are any real jobs in the country that you could still perform, in spite of your physical or emotional state. For more information, ok