Sifting Through all the Different Options for Trailer Hitches in Wisconsin


While most people consider a trailer hitch as something that is only outfitted on pickup trucks or larger work-related vehicles. However, Trailer Hitches in Wisconsin can be affixed to virtually any vehicle. Before buying a hitch, it’s important to determine what type of trailer hitch is going to be right for a particular vehicle. Much of this will have to do not just with the type of vehicle that is having a trailer hitch installed, but what the vehicle is going to be towing.

Light Towing Duties

Typically, a subcompact car can have a trailer hitch installed, but on average, these vehicles are only going to be able to tow roughly around 1 ton of gross weight. This may seem like a lot, but when it comes to towing, 2000 pounds is not a lot. However, for small moving trailers or small equipment trailers, this might be perfect when it comes time to occasionally tow lighter loads.

Minding the Rise and Drop

It is also important to consider the drop and the rise when attaching or detaching a trailer to a vehicle. The drop of the trailer is going to be important when towing anything. Often times, drop levels are fairly minimal. However, if a person is trying to tow more weight than a vehicle is designed to handle, the drop rate is going to be quite significant. This not only could potentially damage the trailer, it is likely to have a major impact on the suspension of the towing vehicle.

Weight Distribution Hitches

Even for vehicles that are well within their ranges when it comes to towing weight, the strain on the towing vehicle or the drop of the vehicle once the trailer hitch has been attached may require the use of a weight distribution hitch. These Trailer Hitches in Wisconsin can help balance out the drop or the rise of the trailer by distributing some of the weight of the trailer off of the trailer tongue.

There are many other things that may need to be considered when choosing a trailer hitch. That’s why, if you’re looking to install a trailer hitch on your truck, your family vehicle or even your sports car, you may want to talk to the experts at Website Domain to get more details in terms of which one is going to be right for you.

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