Get Help from Caregivers Trained in Environment Safety Matters for Seniors


To say that our homes are dangerous places doesn’t sound quite right; however, they can be! After all, there are scores of things that can cause injuries such as slipping and falling, exposure to toxins, and even dangers posed by electricity, mold and more. That is why anyone looking for home care will also want to find out about the level of training the caregiver has in environment safety matters for seniors.

Three Key Areas of Concern

Though there are three areas in which safety has to be considered for seniors at home (food safety, infection control and environment safety matters for seniors), it is the environment that poses the biggest challenge, at least in terms of quantity. For example, if we make a quick list of just a few of the biggest safety risks in the home, you start to see how widespread environmental safety becomes.

For instance:

  • Throw and scatter rugs as well as frayed carpets can all lead to dangerous situations.
  • Sleeves and garments that drape pose a risk for spills and even burns. Spills can lead to falls, and this can occur in almost any room of the home.
  • The wrong furniture placement can lead to difficulties in getting around and therefore cause a fall.
  • The shower can be a challenging space and it needs to have lots of grab bars and non-skid mats for optimal safety.
  • Insufficient lighting can lead to trips, falls, and confusion or sadness after dark.

As you can see, even a senior who has full mental clarity may still run into many difficulties due to environmental issues in their home. For this reason, they should have the help of trained caregivers who also have a full understanding of the many facets of environment safety matters for seniors. While they will be a companion for hours at a time, they may not be round the clock. However, during their daily visits, they can keep a sharp eye for such issues and reduce any risks or potential threats. If you need this type of trained care, contact Capital City Nurses online or by calling 866-687-7307.