Why Choose a Used Subaru Legacy, Find One near Naperville


While many people tend to overlook Subaru, they are an excellent addition to any family. If you’re interested in a family sedan because you need plenty of room for precious cargo but don’t want an SUV, a used Subaru Legacy is the perfect choice for you. Naperville residents are sure to find something to love about the car, whether it’s the CVT transmission for good gas mileage or technologically-enhanced safety features.

Why Pre-Owned?

Most people worry that a pre-owned vehicle could have many mechanical issues or may not look the best. However, most dealerships inspect everything thoroughly. They can tell you if there is an issue and what it may mean to your reliability. They are likely to list any cosmetic issues, as well. You’re well-informed of any problem before you buy, allowing you to be in control of the process.

Symmetrical AWD

All-wheel drive is quickly becoming the go-to for many manufacturers. It allows the vehicle to drive and run smoothly regardless of the weather or road conditions. In fact, it can sense what the road is like and change minutely to fit the needs of the driver, giving them just enough traction to make it safely to their destination.

Fuel Economy

Most AWD vehicles do lose some fuel efficiency because they’re ‘always on,’ but the Legacy has found a way to change that trend. If you choose the four-cylinder engine, you can expect to get about 26 and 36 miles per gallon city/highway, respectively. This 2.5-liter engine still cranks out about 175 horsepower, so you still get plenty of power.

Purchasing a used Subaru Legacy could be the best vehicle decision you’ve ever made. Visit today Hawk Subaru near Naperville at https://www.hawksubaru.com to browse through their pre-owned inventory today.