Following The Advice Of An Emergency Dentist In Pleasantville


Severe toothache could imply a more serious condition and warrants the need to visit an Emergency Dentist in Pleasantville. Broken teeth and jaws present the need to contact a dentist to provide immediate repairs. Dentists who are available after office hours provide these services promptly without delays.

What to Do When an Emergency Occurs

An Emergency Dentist in Pleasantville provides insight into what to do when an oral emergency occurs. For example, if a tooth is broken during an accident, the patient should call their dentist and schedule an appointment immediately. It is suggested that he or she rinse out their mouth with warm water and apply a cool compress until they can see a dentist.

If a tooth is completely dislodged, the patient should rinse off debris such as dirt; however, he or she should perform this task gently and refrain from removing any connected tissue. Dentists suggest that the patient try to place the tooth back into its socket, if possible. When this is impossible, the tooth should be placed within a small jar or container with adequate amounts of milk. The calcium in the milk will protect the tooth from damage until the patient reaches the dentist’s office.

When a broken jaw is suspected, the patient should apply a cold compress to the affected area. This condition could lead to significant complications and requires services through an Emergency Dentist in Pleasantville immediately. The dentist may suggest that he or she go to the emergency room, if extensive surgery is required.

Severe pain is the most common reason that leads to a visit with an emergency dentist. If the condition is mild and pain is treatable with over the counter medications, the patient can schedule an appointment with the dentist during office hours. However, patients with emergencies are worked into the dentist’s schedule during these hours when pain is extreme.

Automobile and sports-related accidents often lead to these severe conditions and could lead to the need for Cosmetic Dentistry to restore the aesthetics of the affected tooth. Dentists who provide these services also repair disfigurement of the lips, mouth, or face after an injury.

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